Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Blog Description - Why Am I writing this Blog?"

I thought I should write a blog about well...a blog! Why would I even bother writing this blog one might ask...

Shenanigans is my first attempt at blogging so if you are that guy who generally calls a five-year old for double dribble during a one-on-one basketball game, then this blog probably is not for you. All I’m asking for is a fair chance before I dribble one off my foot and into the street...

The main objective of my blog is to point out the not so obvious intricacies of day-to-day life with a spin of humor and wit teetering on the border of lunacy. I hope you will find these mostly true tales of debauchery hilarious but if you don’t, please don’t panic. It probably just means you don’t suffer from any sort of mental illness.

The name was chosen after some not so careful deliberation. The word Shenanigans came to my mind one day after trying to figure out what to name this ridiculous thing. It just felt right and then when I went out to a bar later that night a group of people wearing “Team Shenanigans” shirts were at the bar I took it as a sign and from there the blog was born.

If you ARE reading that probably means you are either extremely bored, you are passing time until “The Hills, Season 3,” comes out, you are trapped in a Turkish prison and this is the only website that comes up on your Iphone or you just ate some bad cheese and not thinking correctly.

This blog is usually best when read when under some sort of illegal narcotic or heavy proof alcohol. Both are guaranteed to make the reading much funnier. Girls have told me that I become more attractive and funnier when they’ve been drinking, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply with my blog as well.

I would like to ask you to be responsible however, and not operate heavy machinery while drinking and reading this blog at the same time. Or pregnant and drinking while reading. Or pregnant, drinking and operating heavy machinery while reading this blog. I can’t condone such behavior but I can recommend operating heavy machinery, while pregnant and high on large doses of horse tranquilizers while reading this blog.

The first goal of this blog was to put all the crazy, nonsensical stories that happen in my life on paper since with each beer I drink, brain cells are dying at an exponential rate, taking with them my memory capacity. I figured I could relive the chaos on paper and allow more of a green light for the alcohol to finish off what it started. But what happened was that I kept noticing all these strange observations I was for some reason making in just day-to-day life and I thought it might be more fun to put those down as well. So each day/week/month or whatever I’ll be writing some random observations as well as write up some random anecdote, article, or story.

In case you couldn’t tell from all the sarcasm, this write-up is to encourage the reader to read my blog, but at the same time I’d like to make it known that I think blogging is the stupidest idea to ever be created. A blog is basically an avenue for any fruit cake, cut-throat, reject, misfit or well, myself to ramble on and on about absolutely nothing, slap a “blog” title on it such as say…I don’t know…just for argument sake: Shenanigans, and call themselves a blogger. Or better yet – a writer! Bloody ridiculous! It’s completely outlandish, idiotic and ludicrous. With that said, I hope you enjoy my blog written by a tremendous writer – myself…